These Come From Trees Sticker

These Come From Trees Sticker
This is the sticker we're hoping can save a couple hundred thousand trees a year. Amazing how the right message at the right time can make the difference.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wow! 500,000 stickers to date!

We were just doing some internal account calculations while looking to do a big re-order, and it looks like we've sent out 500,000 stickers since the start of the project way back in 2007!

And that is, of course, both in the form of purchased stickers, and also in the form of the K-12 Challenge!

That's a lot of paper towels that haven't been used! Exciting!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on half a million stickers! I just saw your sticker during my vacation in Gualala, California and am going to order my own to post at work. I think this is SUCH a great idea! Thank you. If would be cool if you updated your Facebook page. It only has 2010 on it. Thanks again. Julie Perry

logan balthazor said...

How do i get the stickers for a school

Cathey said...

Complimentary stickers for K-12 schools. Complete the form and we'll send them your way.

Christopher Mercado said...

I am not a school affiliate but my business supplies restroom products. Can I order some of these stickers?

bea mckee said...

I would like the stickers for the resort where I work! How do I purchase the stickers??

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