These Come From Trees Sticker

These Come From Trees Sticker
This is the sticker we're hoping can save a couple hundred thousand trees a year. Amazing how the right message at the right time can make the difference.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

These Come From Trees in Germany: A Twitpic

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Was checking out mentions of "These Come From Trees" on Twitter today (here's the search I was using), and lo and behold, saw this great TwitPic post by Justin K├╝blbeck of Germany. Apparently some enterprising person in Germany posted these about...including on a toilet paper dispenser. That's commitment! Wow.

We don't do as good a job as we could in documenting the international locales that TCFT stickers end up at, but suffice it to say, roughly 15% of sticker purchases are from outside the US, even non-english speaking countries.

Off the top of my head, I can recall the Canada, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Australia, and Brazil. I should go back and look at the Paypal reports and Google Analytics traffic, and do a post on the international footprint to date...

We haven't had anyone localize These Come From Trees stickers into German, like they have been for Italian and Arabic, but if anyone would like to, let us know, and we're happy to provide the Photoshop originals!


TheDumbBlog said...

I found this one in Kimball, South Dakota while traveling on I-90 home.

Urban_forager said...

I have no way to track the paper savings but I have canvassed Saint Louis Community College Florissent Valley as much as I possibly can. I am hopefull that I will see more pop up on other Campuses.

Greenfession said...

Hey, we just linked you up in our blogroll on - out blog where you can come confess your environmental sins, haha. we thought it would be a fun way to get people to talk about their efforts, and provide solutions. we're just trying to spread the word! thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Nuriche said...

Lol... my wife is a starbucks manager, and these JUST got put in her store! it's nice to see mega-corporations actually starting to care about their footprint! lol

Shane said...
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Anonymous said...
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bathmate said...

it's a very interesting posting. i liked it. :-)


Anonymous said...

I just scraped off one of these offensive stickers at my work.

My solution? PLANT more trees! This is what the timber/paper manufacutrers do.

Pete Kazanjy said...


What about them are offensive?

If I am to understand what you're saying, "I don't like these stickers. And I don't care if they reduce the use of paper towels in a bathroom by 30% (and the cost to my company of buying those towels by 30%). We should just buy more towels, provided by planting more trees."

Sorry, but that seems like a really wasteful argument. "The solution to broken windows is to not stop breaking them. It's to buy more windows! This is what window manufacturers do!"

"The solution to cars that get 10mpg is not to use a higher milage car! It's to buy more gas. This is what petroleum refiners do!"

Sorry, but I'm not buying what *you're* selling.

Anonymous said...


the reason they are offensive to me is that this type of message insults my intelligence and puts forth an argument that just doesn't stand up to objective analysis. But the real problem is the fact that someone finds it necessary to get in my face with their political opinion and make no mistake, this involves the politics of environmental extremism.

Objectively, trees are a renewable resource and using them to make useful products is good on many levels. If the supply of trees were limited or if majestic old Redwoods were being cut down, then the argument being put forth here would make sense.

Applied to other areas of Human consumption, the argument against using products made from trees would reveal just how silly this notion is. For example, should we reduce or eliminate the use of toilet tissue? Should we force manufacturers to change their process to produce a 'rough' tissue?

Finally, I don't need a bunch of mis-guided do gooders telling me how to apply my own common sense!

Pete Kazanjy said...


"the politics of environmental extremism"? Did someone let Glen Beck in here? I think you're bringing a lot more of your own perspective to this conversation than anyone else has so far.

I think you're looking at this from the standpoint that these stickers ask people to *not* use paper towels. That's not the case. The helpful reminder (not, "demand" as you are framing it) is simply for people to think twice, and perhaps painlessly reduce unnecessary *over*-consumption. That is: don't use *no* paper towels. But instead of using four paper towels that get your hands just as dry as using two, perhaps just use two.

I would suggest you take the time to read up on the background, here:

As such, your straw man argument about "eliminating" toilet paper being similar don't stand up. This is not about elimination. This is about painless reduction. This is not about *forcing* manufacturers to do one thing versus another: this is about *voluntary* behavioral change on the part of the end user, prompted by a helpful reminder of something that is, yes, objectively obvious, but is something that is often forgotten.

Lastly, while you may hold this opinion, the hundreds of businesses and schools that have deployed these stickers in their bathrooms likely disagree with you. You can read about them here:

Like the elementary school that saved 30% of their paper towel consumption, and $1000 in paper costs using just 50 stickers. Imagine what the savings have been at Clorox, who have deployed 2000 stickers.

This is less about "misguided environmental do-gooders" and more about people who know math.

Anonymous said...


An interesting rejoinder, but why go half way? If schools, restaurants, etc., really wanted to save trees (and money) they would rip out the dispensers and install hand dryers. Oh wait, people don't like those - they prefer paper!

Anyway, I understand the issue, but my main objection restated is the placement of 'reminders' however benign in an attempt to change my behavior. I am a free man who doesn't need a nanny or the 'nanny state' to tell me how to conduct my affairs.

Pete Kazanjy said...

Why go halfway? You answered your own question: because paper towels are a better product. The goal of this sticker is to simply reduce unnecessary overuse. Not impose cost on the user. I think maybe you're starting to understand. This is about *costless* reduction.

There's no nanny state here. It's simply a helpful reminder that can be taken, or ignored. No one's trying to take your guns or Hummer.

Relatedly, I assume you are similarly not a fan of those signs on curvy roads that offer a suggestion as to what is a safe speed at which to take the curve? Or is that too nannying? They are, after all, just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...


actually, Mr. Joe Wall who posted in November 2008 here said it better than I ever could.

Go back and read his post - I agree 110%

martinamc said...
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martinamc said...

It really inspires me immediately to cut down on my paper towel consumption when i see this sticker!!
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plumbing said...

This sicker is a good idea to keep people remind that most of the things that we use are made up of trees.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this initiative spreading around the world. Haven't seen it in Australia yet, soon. Alex

Anonymous said...

This would be a great idea to promote in India. We have to protect our forests, India is facing massive deforestation and it doesn't need to be this way.

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